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I am an Idaho girl, born and raised.  Snow-peaked mountain ranges and wildflowers are what I see when I close my eyes and think of the word “home.”  But when I married a Georgia man, I had to accept the possibility that I may leave home some day.

Now, I’m raising a family in Tennessee–a wonderful place, but I still yearn for my Idaho home and family there.  This spring, I had a brilliant idea to help curb some of the homesickness and help my kids remember Idaho and their grandparents and cousins there.  We are making a memory planter!

The hot new trend in front porch flower arrangements this spring is combining unexpected combinations.

Hot New Trend Alert!

Florists and DIYers everywhere have started combining very unexpected plants and flowers in the same arrangement or planter.  Think basil plants, peonies, and a cabbage plant.  And, according to the 2016 trend forecast at, Sorbet is what’s hot right now!

So, with Curate’s unexpected combinations as inspiration, my kids and I are creating a beautiful front porch planter that combines unexpected plants and flowers that remind us of Idaho.unexpected flower combinations (28)

A Family DIY Project

Kids love to be involved and get their hands dirty, so why not let this be a family DIY project? It all started at the nursery where we scanned lots of foliage for the perfect combinations.  We had so much fun recalling memories of our previous Idaho visits, like going to a cabin in the mountains with all of our cousins, picking bright red apples in the orchard, and sitting in grandma’s kitchen, smashing fresh strawberries for homemade jam.

“Look Mom!  That looks like the grass that grows by the riverbanks!” cried my son when he spotted some lovely Mexican grass.unexpected flower combinations (30)

“And Mom, those look like the pretty purple flowers in Grandpa’s garden!” my daughter chimed in.unexpected flower combinations (1)

And of course, I had to get potato leaves because I just wouldn’t be a true Idahoan without those.unexpected flower combinations (4)

unexpected flower combinations (25)

Now we’re ready to plant!unexpected flower combinations (23)Since unexpected combinations are the key, there really is no wrong way to arrange each plant.  It’s a great project for kids because it requires zero perfection.

When it comes to watering, see more about the best sprinkler systems.

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I love how the combinations turned out, and the sorbet colors are right on point with what’s trending.unexpected flower combinations (11)unexpected flower combinations (20)