For eight years I made a serious mistake, over and over again. It’s one that caused my husband and myself physical pain and loss of sleep. It is a mistake that I bet many of you are also making every night: sleeping on a bad mattress. We are thrilled to partner with LUUF to keep you from making the same eight-year mistake I did. (Don’t miss the awesome promo codes below!)

It’s stupid really, how and why we suffered through a terrible mattress for so long. Like the first bed in Goldilocks and the Three Bears, our mattress was way too soft. After a year of sleeping on it, our bed developed two big body cavities where my husband and I slept. Every morning it was like climbing out of a coffin. For eight years we woke up sore and never felt fully rested.

How one bad night’s sleep turned into eight years of cruddy slumber.

Do you know the number one reason we stayed with that mattress for so long? Because we just couldn’t stomach the mattress-buying process. And who can? Hours on a precious weekend spent driving to multiple mattress stores, being confronted by salespeople whom you wonder, do they really have my best interest at heart? Nobody wants to do that.

I don’t know about you, but I have four kids and I’d rather spend my Saturdays at their little league games than mattress shopping. That’s how one bad night’s sleep turned into eight years of cruddy slumber. But not anymore! There’s a much better way and I am ecstatic to tell you about it!

LUUF Mattresses are Revolutionizing the World

If you’ve already heard of LUUF Beds (pronounced loof) I wouldn’t be surprised. LUUF just became the official Rest and Recovery mattress of the 2019 NFL Draftees. And from the NBA, to celebrities, to health gurus and pediatricians—everyone is raving about the mattress that is revolutionizing the sleep world.

Check out the adorable and short video below to see how LUUF works in a nutshell!

All this buzz is for good reason. LUUF Beds are convenient, affordable (see extra promo codes below!), and the safest mattress on the market, and that’s exactly why we finally made the switch and I’ve slept better than I have in nearly a decade.


LUFT and Little Luft mattresses (made especially for children) are incredibly easy to shop for and they have FREE speedy delivery right to your door. There is no time wasted driving from store to store, no salespeople, and no headache in the LUFT buying experience.

A good mattress is like a great pair of jeans…designed to fit your unique shape. That’s why LUFT offers three hybrid models, each with a combination of great foams and springs designed by sleep experts to fit your unique body and sleep needs.

  • Plush Multi Sleeper: Great for side sleepers and for easing hip, shoulder, and joint pain.
  • Luxury Firm Multi Sleeper: For side, stomach, or back sleepers that like a slightly firmer feel with a layer of softness for support. (**This is the one we chose and it has been heavenly!)
  • Firm Sleeper: Created especially for back and stomach sleeper who like a firm mattress. It’s great for anyone with lumbar pain.

To pick out your perfect mattress, go to and follow their online guide, or call in to speak to one of their friendly sleep experts. They can help you pick out the bed that is right for you.

After you order, the mattress shows up on your door in an easy-to-carry box from UPS.

Simply take it out of the box, release from the plastic, and it’s incredible how quick your mattress is ready to go!


If you’ve ever stepped inside a mattress store, you know how confusing and expensive mattress buying can be. There are too many choices and over-inflated price tags. Did you know that stores mark up their mattresses as much as 70%? That’s crazy!

LUFT mattresses are so affordable—in fact, you can replace ALL of the mattresses in your house with LUFT and Little LUFT mattresses for less than what it would cost to buy a mattress in the store. And you’re getting a high-end mattress that’s crafted right here in the United States with locally sourced, American-made materials!

Purchasing a LUFT mattress in a store would easily cost $3,499, making the online price of $1,099 an insane value! (Just as a frame of reference, we bought our terrible mattress for $1,000.)

These offers are too crazy to pass up!

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There’s a secret the mattress industry doesn’t want you to know, and the secret is that many mattresses today are imported with questionable and potentially hazardous materials. In fact, mattresses today can be considered the new lead paint of our generation. They can be full of VOC’s and harsh chemicals that have absolutely no place near our skin and especially our children.

As mentioned above, LUFT is 100% hand-crafted in the USA, in Watertown WI, with multiple safety certifications, including Okeo-Tex certified (the highest independent ratings in fabric) which guarantees all LUFT mattresses are free of harsh chemicals and carcinogens. It’s the safest mattress out there for your family. I don’t know about you, but I feel better knowing that my family won’t get cancer from their mattresses.

Little LUFT

One of the things I will forever love about LUFT is that they care so passionately about kids. LUFT is on a mission to make honest, safe, luxury sleep products affordable for every room in your home and Little LUFT is a testament of that.

Most mattresses kids sleep on are the cheapest ones, made of who knows what. Little LUFT was inspired by a mom whose young son has seizures. She wanted to make safe sleep products for children that did not cost a fortune. Thus Little LUFT was born.

It’s the safest, most affordable mattress out there, made to support bodies weighing 30-175 lbs. You can get a Little LUFT mattress for only $299 shipped to your door. Why wouldn’t you want peace of mind and a safer sleep for your child? To me, for only $299, that’s a no-brainer.

Switch your child’s current mattress to a Little LUFT now!

Don’t waste a second more on a bad mattress.

A good mattress is not only nice, it is essential. It affects everything! Your physical health, your ability to work and play, the quality time you spend with your family.

When I think back to how many simple yet profound moments have taken place on my bed, I realize how central our mattress is to our everyday life. My kids learned to read here, they climb into my bed after they’ve had a bad dream. Some of our most important life decisions have been made during pillow talk.

Don’t make the same mistake I did; don’t waste a second more on a bad mattress. Switch to LUFT and see the incredible difference.