Quick, Adorable 4th of July T-Shirts!

I love everything about the 4th of July. Fireworks, Sparklers, Flags, Pride of Country, Yummy Food, Parades and…matching T-Shirts!

4th of july tshirtIt is the ONE time in the year I can get my kids to wear matching clothes…wait, and Christmas P.J’s – haven’t been vetoed there yet either. 🙂4th of july tshirt 2

But it can get SPENDY to buy 5 Patriotic T-shirts at the store. And I have a hard time finding one that matches in every kids’ size. And EVERYONE else seems to find the SAME T-shirt for their family.

Enter these adorable 4th of July printable graphics, designed by our very own blog manager Bobbi Jo.  (Thanks Bobbi…mmwah!)

4th of july tshirt 3

It took me about 20 minutes to make 5 T-shirts using this tutorial. What?!

1. Easily found every kid’s size plain T-shirt at WalMart for about $2-3 each. You could also use plain T-shirts you already have.

2. Bought Iron on Transfer paper also at WalMart. You can get it here, too.

3. Came home and printed the graphics onto the transfer paper.

4. Cut around the edges of the graphic and ironed them on the T-shirts!

5. 5 Matching T-shirts for under $25.00!

And I MADE them! My kids were so proud of me. 🙂

Now I am going to make one for Grandma and Grandpa since we will be with them for the 4th! So Fun!

There are 2 graphics to choose from – here are some pictures of my kids modeling their new shirts for you…

4th of july tshirt 6

4th of july tshirt 5

4th of july tshirt 4Happy 4th!