sewing projects for baby

I’m super excited, my adorable niece is about to have her first baby.  So that means my brother will be a grandpa, (what?!) and that will make me a Great Aunt (cool – I’ve always considered myself a pretty great aunt!). So for her baby shower, we got our sewing machines and fabric out and had so much fun with a few sewing projects for baby. There’s nothing like handmade baby gifts to make us all swoon! I can’t wait to try a few of these other great ideas!

Sewing Projects for Baby That Make Great Gifts

1. To begin with, have you seen these amazing knotted hats?   You can dress your baby in style with these cuties!

easy sew projects

2. Oh, I always loved my car seat canopies. Find easy directions on this sewing project for baby here.

baby sewing projects

3. How to make a tag blanket. I sure wish I would have had these 13 years ago when I started having my babies!

tag blanket for baby

4. Aren’t these diaper clutches the best things ever? Perfect for church or a quick outing when you don’t want to lug an entire diaper bag around!

diaper clutch

5. Whip up a nursing cover for the nursing mom and they’ll love you forever!

nursing cover

6. Use up your scraps with these fabric beach balls! So soft and cuddly for the kids to play with!

balls in basket

7. Aren’t these knit receiving blankets just super adorable?

easy sew project

8. There’s nothing better than a pacifier clip to keep those pacifiers off the floor!

sewing projects for baby

9. Is your baby a drooler? Then, these baby bandanna bibs are oh so cute and practical!

easy sew project

10. Are these mary jane shoes not the cutest things you’ve ever seen?

handmade sewn baby shoes

11. Because what new mama wouldn’t love some extra burp cloths?

sewing projects burp cloths

12. This minky blanket looks so soft and easy to sew! I’m thinking I should make an adult size one too while I’m at it!

minky blanket

13. Here’s a free pattern for a knotted baby head tie…also there’s a video attached that gives lots of great instructions! So darling!

knotted baby head tie tutorial

14. Here are some great burp cloths that are super absorbent and cute! This is what my cute sister-in-law just made for her first grand baby. They turned out so great!

easy sew project burp cloths

15. Did you ever wake the kids while checking on them? I hated that! This latch cover is a great solution and is one of my favorite baby sewing projects to give as a gift!

door latch cover

16. Also, some great directions on how to make your very own changing pad cover!

changing pad cover sewing project for baby

17. It seems like crib sheets are something you can always use plenty of and I couldn’t believe how easy this really was!

diy crib sheet featured

18. Check out this great tutorial for how to make the perfect corners every time in your sewing projects for baby!

perfect corners every time baby blanket

19. Make some personalized DIY car seat toys, no baby will resist these!

car seat toys for baby

20. These tiny harem pants are just so cute!

baby harem pants

21. And of course, we can’t forget our amazing quiet books. These have been designed by our fabulous Chickabug exclusively for HowDoesShe. Do you have your patterns yet?

shelley quiet book pages

Do You Have a Favorite Sewing Project for Baby?

If we have missed a great sewing project that you love to make, then let us know in the comments!  I hope you cuddle those little ones for me! My baby is 3 now and not so cuddly anymore!