2020 hasn’t really gone like any of us planned, especially for our kids. With cancellations across the board and so many monumental milestones erased (graduations, field trips, end-of-year performances), it’s time to put the past few months behind us and step into summer with a bright new optimism. We’re partnering with kidpik, the ultimate kids’ fashion subscription box to show you that a fun fashion box is JUST what your child needs right now to boost spirits and kick off summer right. PLUS, HowDoesShe readers get 50% off their first box with code HDS50!

Kicking off a Fun Summer with kidpik

This isn’t our first rodeo with kidpik and every time a new box arrives on our doorstep, the cheers can be heard down the block. My kids LOVE getting their special kidpik packages. Having their name on the inside only sweetens the deal. It’s the little details that matter and that’s one of the reasons I keep going back.

The other reason is that the kidpik handpicked clothes are so ridiculously cute. You cannot find kids’ clothing like this just anywhere. Right now, their new summer boxes are the hottest thing and the PERFECT antidote to the gloomy past few months we’ve just had.

Get 50% off your first kidpik box now, including the new summer box! The code HDS50 is already applied — valid through July 7, 2020.

And now that kidpik just launched their debut boys’ collection–there’s even more reason to join in the fun!

How it works:

Voted Best Subscription Box for Kids, kidpik comes from experts in kids’ fashion and is geared to individual budgets. You’ll take a quick 2-minute quiz about your child’s personal style and afterward, kidpik’s team of stylists (with help from some pretty cool algorithms) get to work personalizing looks that fit your child’s needs.

They’ll ask questions like, on a scale of 1 to 10, how sparkly is she? Or, does he prefer stripes or Camo. 

Here are the basic bullet points you need to know:

  • Each box contains 7 items (including shoes!) that create a minimum of 3 coordinated outfits.
  • Your kids can try on their outfits at home for 7 days and you only pay for what you choose to keep. (Shipping, returns, and exchanges are easy and free.)

  • If you choose to keep every item in a box, you get 30% off. That makes the average price of each item about $13.50…and that’s with shoes! I can’t take a trip to Target on that budget.
  • Kidpik’s collection is designed in-house; they don’t sell any outside brands, so your child will always receive unique looks. This is what sets them apart!

This kid will not take his new sweatshirt off. He loves it, I love it.

Here are 3 reasons you’ll love kidpik:

1. The fashion

It’s fun, it’s unique, and it’s personalized. A lot of times, I cringe at my kids’ clothing choices in the summer. With kidpik, I never, ever have to worry. They’re always cute and always functional, ready to jump across a river stream or tear off on their bikes.

2. The convenience

Kidpik is awesome for parents. (Really, read the reviews.) It takes the hassle out of shopping (seriously, no driving from store to store in hopes of piecing together the perfect outfit). It’s a new kind of shopping experience that is convenient, stress-free, and always delivers much cuter outfits than I could find on my own.

3. The Joy

Everyone loves getting fun mail and for my kids, getting their kidpik boxes is the most exciting thing. It brightens up the whole day, and the joy lasts long after as their new clothes become who they are and appear in all of our new family adventures.


How much does a box cost?

If you choose to keep your whole box, the average box costs $95 or about $13.50 per piece.

When will I be charged?

After 7 days. Just return any items in that time and you won’t be charged. You only pay for what you keep.

How often will I get a box?

You can choose–every month, every 2 months, or every 3 months, it’s up to you.

Go ahead…after the rough few months we’ve just had, we all deserve some happy mail.

Kick off summer fun and give kidpik a try! You’ll get 50% off your first box with code HDS50 and let your kids’ personalities shine as bright as they are this summer.