Do you have questions on how to plan a baby shower? Gone are the days (I hope) of smashed up chocolate bars and taste testing baby food. Make that baby shower memorable with some unique and amazing ways to remember the day. The new mommy (and guests) will be glad you did!

How to Plan a Baby Shower- 18 Ways to Make it Memorable

Learn How to Plan a Baby Shower: Ideas to Make it Memorable

1. I’m loving this gorgeous baby shower! What a fun theme! Get all the decoration details here.


2. Fancy up those napkins with this easy tutorial for baby dresses!


3. This cute as a button baby shower will have all the guests so impressed!


4. I love this idea- instead of those expensive cards, bring a book instead with your name inside. That way the lucky child will have plenty of books to read while growing up!


5. Give each guest a fun party favor with this eos printable!


6. I  love when the activity is making a fun gift for the new baby! This ABC coloring book will be treasured for years!

DSC_1701 copy

7. This is what we did at the last baby shower I went to. It was such a fun activity for everyone to craft and visit and the new baby had some adorable onesies by the end of the day! Here.


8. Have the guests fill out their wishes for the baby. So fun!


9. Have a place for the guests to fill out predictions for the new baby. Save these treasures until they are old enough to appreciate them.

DSC_1234 copy

10. This headband making station is such a fun idea!


11.This cake batter dip will kick up any baby shower a notch or two!


12. You can’t go wrong with a babies are sweet candy buffet! I love how it matches their wedding decor!


13. Do you ever just need ideas of the best books out there? Gather ideas for the new mommy and baby here!

Baby Shower Crafts10_1

14. Make a wishing tree for the baby and mommy to be! How adorable is this?!


15. For those who live out of town, host a baby shower by mail by sending them a baby onesies decorating kit!


16. Everyone can join in the fun of painting a piece to the baby’s mobile. So adorable!


17. Or create some beautiful canvas pieces perfect for the perfect decor in the nursery!


18. What an amazing idea! Take a picture of each guest with a special message for the new baby. How fun would this be to look at down the road?