Grow Your Own Easter Basket Grass

Alright Ladies, I know Easter is a month away, but I wanted to share this idea with plenty of time before the big day!

This happens to be my very favorite Easter tradition: Growing our own Easter grass! It is simply beautiful and makes the Easter basket look so fresh and Springy! It beats that crinkly plastic grass that gets stuck all over your house, any day!

easter grassThis is a fun and easy little project that you and your kids will love.


Potting soil
Easter Basket
Plastic Plant Saucer
Quick Grass Seed

You can find potting soil, quick grass seed and plastic plant saucers in the gardening department of most stores (or here on amazon).

easter grassTake your Easter baskets along with you, or measure them before hand. Find a plastic planter saucer that is close to the right size. Sometimes you have to squish them down in the basket to make it fit, but it still works!

easter grassFill the plastic plant saucer half way full with potting soil, then pat it down evenly over the bottom.

easter grassDump quick seed grass to cover the dirt. Once the dirt is covered work the seed down into the dirt about half an inch  with your fingers. Some of the seed will still be visible on top.

easter grassWet the dirt. Make sure there is water throughout all of the dirt, but don’t make it swim! Place your saucers in a warm sunny place indoors.

easter grassWater your grass every day, just enough to dampen the soil.

Day 3-4:

your grass should be poking up through the dirt all over! It is so fun to watch the grass grow.

easter grassDay 4-6: the grass will be coming along nicely and should be thick!

easter grassDay 8-12: Your grass will reach a good height and will be ready for your Easter basket! If the grass is getting too long you can simply cut it down with a pair of scissors!

easter grassPlace it in your baskets periodically to check it’s length and see how it is sizing up.

easter grassThat fun Easter morning your grass will look perfect in your little Easter basket! The kids will be so proud!

easter grass

I generally give myself 2 weeks to grow our Easter grass. If it is too long by the big day, I trim it down to a length that looks nice. It is better to have it too long than too short 😉 When you’re done with the grass pop it out of the saucer, wash it out, and save it for next year! The potting soil and quick seed will last for a very long time, so one purchase will keep this tradition going for years to come!

easter grass

This is a tradition we look forward to every year. PLUS, it makes for some seriously adorable pictures!