On my walk through the neighborhood this morning, I felt an extra boost of happiness. Pink and white blossoms were bursting from the trees, new green buds poked out of the ground, and as I walked I passed fellow neighbors outside planting flowers in garden boxes and flower beds. There’s something about florals that just make us happy!

This season, florals are all the rage. We’ve partnered with Under Armour to bring you 15 of the season’s hottest florals that will put an extra spring in your step, whether you’re out for a walk, hitting the gym, or just hanging out in your athleisure (like I do pretty much every day).

Going Floral: 15 of the Season’s Comfy Must-Haves

Under Armour shoes and apparel continue to impress me. I adore my UA HOVR shoes…I use them to run, lift weights, and play volleyball in. If you’re looking for one of the best tennis shoes on the market, this is it.

UA HOVR in floral

UA Run Tie Back Tank

I love the watercolor print on this one and the subtle floral vibe. Not to mention that back!


UA Floral Jacket

This one is a splurge item, but oh my gosh, it’s so pretty!

The most amazing underwear on the planet!

Ladies, you owe it to yourselves to own the most amazing underwear on the entire planet. These UA Pure Stretch Hipster undies are seamless and NO-SHOW, meaning you will NOT have an underwear line! They are amazing with your leggings!

HeatGear floral ankle crop

I love these leggings. They remind me of my vacation to Hawaii.

UA Breathe Lace +

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a bit of a shoe addict. I love athletic shoes and these are a must! So perfect for throwing on and heading out to a little league game or to pick the kids up from school.

Women’s HeatGear Capri

These cute capris are part of the limited time 25% off! Snag them at a great deal!

UA Mesh Around tank

I love the breathability of this tank and I especially love the slight floral detail on the logo.



Mid Crossback Sports Bra

I own about five Under Armour sports bras and I they are my favorites. They offer great support, are super flattering, and last forever.

HeatGear Purple Crop

These lavender crops are lovely and will match floral gear perfectly.

You can see the rest of the must-haves in Under Armour’s new Floral Collection. It is feminine, energetic, and will make you happy just looking at it.

This season’s motto: go floral or go home!