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Ok, guys! I need to tell a little back story so you can see where the idea of the tooth fairy pillow came from.

My little girl is 5 and she’s full blast 24/7. She’s loud, stomps around the house, can’t play hide and seek because she’s too loud – get the picture? She is a LOUD child….until bedtime. Then she turns into a silent ninja. She can sneak into my room at night and get about 1 inch from my eyes before she whispers “momma!” Scares me to death!

Also, my little silent bedtime ninja is a very light sleeper. I can’t even peek in her room at night without her waking. So, when she came to me last week with a wiggly tooth I thought, there’s no way the tooth fairy is going to be able to get her tooth from underneath her pillow without waking up the ninja. But I was also torn because I’m a sucker for tradition. I like the idea of ‘put your tooth under your pillow, then wake up to some cash from the tooth fairy’.

I decided the best way to handle this situation is to put a little twist on tradition and make her a tooth fairy pillow that hangs from her door. Genius, right?!

Tooth Fairy Pillow Craft Tutorial

I’m all about a quick, easy project and this is definitely one of those. Plus, I didn’t have to leave my house for any of the supplies. And I bet you have the supplies in your house right now to make one for yourself (ahem…for your child, I mean.)

Here’s what you will need:

2 7″ squares of coordinating fabric

scrap piece of fabric (about 4″ square) *optional

scrap piece of white felt


a small piece of ribbon

needle and thread

Tooth Fairy Pillow Pattern

Let’s begin!

Start off with your scrap piece of white felt. This will make your tooth pocket on the pillow. The easiest way to get it symmetrical is to fold the felt in half and then draw half of a tooth. I used a disappearing ink pen but any ol’ pen/pencil will do the trick.

If you want a FREE printable template for the tooth, go here.

tooth fairy pillow pattern

tooth fairy pillow pattern

Then cut out your drawn tooth.

tooth fairy pillow pattern

You will have something that looks similar to this.

tooth-fairy-pillow-4 copy

I decided I wanted to put my tooth on a scrap piece of fabric to make it stand out. This isn’t a necessary step but I think it makes it prettier. 😉 I placed my tooth on the fabric and cut my scrap a little bigger than the felt tooth.

tooth fairy pillows

tooth fairy pillows

Pick up your needle and thread (I used embroidery thread) and stitch around your small fabric to attach.

tooth-fairy-pillow-7 copy

Love the handmade vibe it’s already giving off! Don’t you?!


Now, let’s sew in the tooth pocket. Start at the top right and sew all the way around your tooth until you get to the top left, then stop.


Look at that cute tooth pocket!


Next, take your ribbon and lay it out on your like this:

tooth-fairy-pillow-11 copy

Pin your pillow front and back, right sides together. Also make sure you pin your ribbon into place so it doesn’t move on you.

tooth-fairy-pillow-12 copy

Sew all the way around your pillow, leaving about a 3″ hole to turn your pillow right side out.