When I was growing up I always loved it when Santa wrapped all my presents so I could open one present at a time.  This seemed to make Christmas last longer rather than just having all the presents under the tree unwrapped.  But it certainly takes more time as a parent, especially a procrastinating parent as I am.  This is where fabric Christmas bags come to the rescue!

christmas bags

Santa!  Take Note of these Fabric Christmas Bags.

A few Christmas Eve’s ago, late at night, I was at my Mom’s house trying to wrap presents after our two kids were in bed to be ready for Christmas morning.  As I am all tangled in tape and paper I look over and see my sister-in-law (who had just hauled her presents inside not five minutes prior) just finishing all her wrapping.  HOW?!?  Fabric Christmas bags.  GENIUS!!!  She had some that were passed down to her from her childhood.  Think of the memories just these bags alone held.  I have been hooked ever since.

We put our bags out on Christmas Eve and by morning Santa does his magic (in 10 minutes instead of hours) and they are filled with presents!  No plastic bags full of ripped wrapping paper – just fold up the fabric and you’re ready for next year!  SO GREEN!  The best part is we are not totally exhausted the next morning so we can actually stay awake to watch all the presents fly out!

fabric Christmas bags

Make your fabric Christmas bags to match your holiday decor or use themes.

My kids now get excited just seeing these bags come out of storage!

You can make them match your holiday decor and put presents out as you buy them if you want presents under the tree.  Or you can use themes your kids are into just like the wrapping paper.  Christmas fabric always goes on sale after Christmas so you can stock up for next year!

I shared the idea over on DISNEY to use these as a gift to that someone that seems to have everything.

fabric Christmas bags tied with a ribbon sitting on a chair

They also work wonderfully for birthday wrapping!

All Santa's Should Wrap THIS Way!

Merry Christmas!

All Santa's Should Wrap THIS Way!