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An idea for a better apron came to me over thanksgiving when I pulled out my trusty thanksgiving apron and the straps around my neck kept falling down.  I knew there had to be a better way to make it where I wouldn’t constantly be re-adjusting the straps. However, during the holiday rush, making an apron for myself isn’t at the top of my priority list so I knew I had to come up with a quick solution.  This apron is both quick and easy and can be made for an adult or a child.

Here we go!

First, we’ll start with the straps, or rather the one LONG strip of fabric that will make the adjustable neck and the tie for the back of the apron.

Cut 2 strips of fabric at 6″X30″ (cut 6″X44″ for an adult size apron)

Place right sides of the fabric together and sew one side of the short ends together to make one long strip of fabric that’s approximately 6″X60″ (or 6″X88″ for adults)

apron-1 copy

Next, get the iron out and iron down 1/4″ on both short ends.

apron-2 copy

Now fold in the long sides of your strip so that the ends touch in the middle and iron it down.

apron-3 copy

apron-4 copy

Fold over your strip of fabric in half and iron down.

apron-5 copy

You’ll have a super long strip of fabric that looks like this:

apron-6 copy

Using a 1/4″ seam allowance, sew around the sides where you ironed.

apron-7 copy

The strip is done so just toss that to the side while we make the main piece of the apron.

apron-8 copy

Start off with a 20″X20″ piece of fabric (or 20″X30″ for adults). Fold in half. Start at the top from the fold and measure over 4.5″ and mark the spot.

apron-9 copy

Then measure down 7″ on the side opposite of the fold and mark a spot.

apron-10 copy

Simply cut from the 4.5″ mark at the top to the 7″ mark on the side using a circular motion. Remember: you’ll be cutting through 2 layers of fabric here!

apron-11 copy

Now iron down 1/4″ of your fabric. Then fold over another 1/4″ of fabric and iron down again. Do this for all sides EXCEPT the circular cut outs.