If you are looking for funny, nay, the FUNNIEST picture books, I’ve got some for you. You may know that I work with picture book authors on a regular basis. This means I get to hear all about the picture books that they’re loving. Not only will these be your favorite picture books [to read one hundred times, over and over again], but they make great gifts, too!


The Funniest Picture Books:

#1: Magnolia Says DON’T!

The fourth book in the “Magnolia Says DON’T!” picture book series just hit the shelves, If You Ever Want to Bring a Pirate to Meet Santa, DON’T! This would be the funniest picture book to add to your Christmas to-read list!

Comically expressive and detailed digital artwork that seems to shout from the page.”―Wall Street Journal


#2: Potato Pants!

This read-aloud is also new on the shelves this year. Just the title rolling off the tongue is funny – Potato Pants! Slapstick humor, alliteration, over-the-top situations, plus the narrator make for a hilarious read. Laurie Keller is also a Geisel-award winning creator, so you know the art is a-mazing, too.


#3: Monster’s New Undies

Samantha Berger writes great books for naughty children — haha! Berger is best known for her Crankenstein stories, so if you loved her humor in those, you’ll love her latest funny picture book, Monster’s New Undies. This picture book utilizes kid-friendly language in verse (aka: rhyming). The author uses every word for ‘rear-end’, which will have your kiddo roaring with laughter.

#4: Mother Bruce

If you haven’t read Mother Bruce, this is totally one to add to your picture book library. This funny picture book took me by surprise and made me laugh out loud in the book store. It’s funny, sweet, and has a great twist at the end. Definitely a winner!

“Higgins turns classic picture-book scenarios upside down, then wrings them for contemporary laughs.” — The New York Times


#5: Wordy Birdy

Tammi Sauer writes tons of funny picture books.  Wordy Birdy is about a very chatty, very distracted bird. This is a great story about friendship and being attentive to the things going on around you.

laugh-out-loud funny . . . caregivers will certainly find this chuckleworthy.”—Kirkus

#6: Snappsy

I’ve mentioned Snappsy the Alligator before in my Holiday Book + Gift article. This funny picture book about a reluctant star pairs well with an alligator stuffed animal, or a baby clip-on tie if you’re giving it as a gift.

#7: The Pigeon Needs a Bath

I had to include my all-time favorite Mo Willems bookThe Pigeon Needs a Bath. I’ve read this book a billion times with my own kids. Definitely a fun one to have in your home library.

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More Funny Picture Books:

There are a million picture books published EVERY year. I only included a sliver of funny picture books available, so please share your favorites below. We’d love to know what picture books made you laugh!

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