I just got off an Alexa video chat with my husband’s 84-year-old grandma. She has been quarantined to her tiny bedroom in an assisted living center here in Idaho and we haven’t been allowed to visit her for seven weeks. Because of COVID-19 and the threat to her age group, she hasn’t seen another human being other than her nurses and caretakers. She hasn’t stepped out of her room, let alone felt the sunshine on her face for nearly 50 days.

Right now we all know the toll that the current pandemic is taking.

We’ve got to let the women in our lives know how incredible they are.

5 Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day During Quarantine

This Mother’s Day will be different than any other in history. We may be at home due to quarantine and unable to actually hug mom or be with her because of social distancing, and because of that, this Mother’s Day can be more thoughtful than ever. Here are some ways to create an unforgettable Mother’s Day during quarantine.

1. Send beautiful flowers

Did you know that flowers can give you an immediate mood boost? Author Hans Christian Anderson wrote, “Just living is not enough…one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”

For many of our loved ones right now who remain inside, we can bring the beauty from outside into them. A bouquet of flowers delivered right to her doorstep can completely transform her day. Even though you can’t be together, you can put a smile on her face that lasts long after Mother’s Day is over. It’s a gift of love that means everything during this time of separation.

2. Indulge in a special treat

Indulging in something that you normally don’t, like a luxurious bath, a new outfit, or fresh chocolate dipped strawberries is a great way to celebrate during this quarantine time.

Surprise your mom, sister, or bestie this Mother’s Day (or any day!) with an indulgent treat shipped right to her door.

3. She’s someone’s mom

You may not be able to visit your mom this Mother’s Day, and the reverse goes for your neighbor. She may be a mother or grandmother who can’t see her loved ones this Mother’s Day. You can make a huge difference by adopting her for the day. Have your kids draw her a picture or drop a treat off at her doorstep. Social distancing still enables us to be social.

4. Send a virtual hug

Every once in a while, I open my email to a surprise e-card from my grandma. It’s almost as good as getting a hug from her in person. An easy way to remember the women in your life this quarantine Mother’s Day is by sending a free e-card. You can personalize it with your own message and honestly, a mother’s favorite gift is your heartfelt words.

5. Have it shipped

Luckily, we live in a thriving age of technology that enables us to push a button and have a gift delivered a few days later to someone hundreds of miles away. It’s one of the miracles of modern days.

Have one of these perfect Mother’s Day gifts shipped right to mom at the touch of a button.