Garden tips for planting a garden that will grow

 Easy Gardening Tips for a Garden That Will Grow

Let’s talk about easy gardening tips.  It’s time to start thinking about getting your garden planted, but where to start? You want to plant a garden, but first of all, you need to know what to plant and what to do to have a garden that will actually grow.  We’ve had pretty good luck with pumpkins and snap peas but that’s about it. I’m thinking these great tips are going to help us have a garden that will grow this year! Awesome!

Easy Gardening Tips

1. First, you need to know when it’s safe to plant your garden. Check out this frost free date chart according to your region.

2. Use plastic forks to keep pets and animals from destroying your garden.

easy gardening tips

3. Use Epsom salts for your tomatoes, vegetable garden, and even flowers to give them healthy and magnesium rich soil.

easy gardening tips

4. Another great way to give your garden a boost is with ground up eggshells!

easy gardening tips

5 – 14. Sometimes the “Vintage” Tips are the best ones! These are some great natural ways to get your garden to thrive!

15 – 19. Do you make any of these mistakes? Here are  5 Gardener Mistakes to Avoid. Growing too many plants? Watering too much? Um, yeah that’s us!

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Garden tips for planting a garden that will grow

20 – 29. When you have weeds then use these 10 ways to keep those weeds OUT!


30. I love fresh carrots from the garden! If you want to grow carrots then you’ll learn all about how to grow them here!


31. You’re going to need a great way to mark the spots where you planted, therefore why not try these adorable rainbow garden markers?

easy gardening tips

32. If you want to grow watermelons but don’t have tons of room in your garden, then just train them to climb!  You can use a trellis and support the watermelons in hammocks.  An old T-shirt will work perfectly to support them on the trellis.

easy gardening tips

33 – 37.  Kids love to dig in the dirt and watching their plants grow is a great learning activity.  As a result, you will want to get your children involved.  Then consider these 5 ideas on encouraging your child to help plant a garden

easy gardening tips

Easy Garden DIY Greenhouse

38. And if you’d like a greenhouse for that fabulous garden, here’s a great way to DIY out of an old trampoline frame! All for under $100! Very cool!



I’d love to know your favorite tips for growing your garden! What will you be planting?