I can’t tell a lie; I am a jeans and leggings girl through and through. Most days you can find me in a good pair of high-waisted leggings which are insanely comfortable and can be a serious fashion statement if done up right. If I’m not in leggings, I’m most definitely in a pair of Levi’s jeans. They are classic Americana and fit better than any jean I’ve ever had. It’s not a cop-out to rock leggings or jeans on the daily, in fact, here are some stylist secrets to making them high fashion.

3 Stylist Secrets to Dressing up Jeans and Leggings

Jeans and leggings are the staples of a good wardrobe. They’re like lettuce: as fancy as you try to make it, it’s the lettuce that makes the salad. And just like a salad, you can dress up jeans and leggings with a few fancy stylist secrets to take them to the next level. Here’s how:

Choose a Classy Top

That same pair of black leggings you wore to the gym can completely transform into fashion-forward by subbing out a classy top. Take this outfit for example:

These high-waisted leggings from JCPenney are a must-have pair and you’ll never believe the price! I would easily compare these to high-end leggings but ten times more affordable. They are a steal that you’d be smart to snag up now before they sell out.

Stylist Secret #1: Take them from the gym to lunch with friends by adding a classy top.

For a dime, you can vamp up your leggings with some of my favorite blouses from JCPenney. This front tie blouse in orchid is so fun for spring and really elevates black leggings.

To raise the bar on blue jeans, choose a uniquely cut or patterned t-shirt that flatters your shape.

I adore this crew tee from JCPenney. The sleeves are oversized and the lines are so classy and sharp. It’s relaxed while still making a trendy statement.

Pair it with my favorite Levi’s super skinny jeans for an ultra cool vibe.

Shoes That Pop

Another easy way to elevate jeans and leggings is with shoes that really pop. Opt for bold prints like these lovely little leopard ballet flats. And you guys, they are so affordable!

Stylist Secret #2: Let the shoes do the talking.

Let your shoes be the focal point. No need to change out of your leggings, just slip on a bold pair of shoes and head out.

Watch heads turn in these amazing London Fog rain boots which are on sale right now!

They come in 14 patterns and colors that POP and will immediately ignite your outfit. Seriously, all your girlfriends will want to know where you got them and how much you paid.

JCPenney has a great selection of shoes, all at a great price! It’s the perfect place to refresh your wardrobe for spring with cute new fashion styles that save you time money, and the effort of shopping around.

Add a Chic Handbag

Lastly, the final touch in elevating the basic leggings or jeans is a chic handbag. This pocket tote bag is so stylish and check out the price!

It’s the cherry on top that brings the basics to life.