Mason Jar Gifts

Creative DIY Mason Jar Gifts

Mason jar gifts are one of my favorite ways to DIY presents! One of my weaknesses is a beautiful Mason Jar.  They are so adorable and versatile!  I love that I have cupboards full of them too, just waiting to be used for the next great gift!  Here are some unique gift ideas to use up the jars in your cupboards and add an extra flair to your gifts! Enjoy these 18 Mason Jar Gift Ideas.

Mason Jar Gift Ideas

1.  Spa and Pampering in a Jar.  Your girlfriends are going to love this gift!

Mason Jar Gift Ideas


2. Loving this Santa Claus jar.  In addition, this includes a free gift tag printable!

Mason Jar Gifts

3.  Blue Christmas Without You jar. Meant for those who you will not be able to see at Christmas.

Also, love the idea of including a flash drive containing your holiday video greeting!


4.  I love the way they created this Hot Chocolate Mix.  It looks beautiful!

Mason Jar Gifts

5.  DIY Playdough Mix would be a hit with the neighbor kids!

mason jar gift ideas

6. The teens will love the Sugar Scrub Jars! Love the bright colors and the included candy cane too!

mason jar gifts

7.  Funfetti Candles.  Cute enough to eat!  (but don’t!)

mason jar gifts

8.  Thankful for Sweet Friends Like You!   A great hostess gift at either Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Also, includes free printable!

Thankful-for-Friends-like-You-Gift-Idea-CUTE2     Mason Jar Gift Ideas

9.  Winter Survival Kit – a welcome gift for the cold!

mason jar gift ideas

10.  This Banana Bread Mix Gift Jar is a great alternative to cookies and treats. The label also includes great step by step directions!

mason jar gifts

11.  Apple with Caramel Cream Cheese Dip would definitely be a delicious way to use a mason jar!


12.  Loving this Bean Soup Mix!  It looks delicious!


13.  A Mason Jar Manicure Kit that then turns into a candle holder is brilliant!  I think I need this for me!

mason jar christmas gifts

14.  You’re the Sweetest!  Perfect at Christmas or really anytime!  Because who wouldn’t enjoy a jar of sweets?

DIY mason jar gifts

15.  Because this is a great way to give a Gift Card- hidden in a jar!  Love it!

mason jar Christmas gifts

Teacher Mason Jar Gifts

16.  Teachers love jars too! Download this adorable teacher gift tag and then fill up those jars today!


17.  A Jar of Sunshine will bring cheer to a loved one all year long!  While this is a regular jar it can easily be adapted to a mason jar!  Also, you’ve got to check out what is wrapped around each candy!  LOVE this idea!

DIY mason jar gift ideas

18.  If Pretzels are more your thing, then this Snowman Mason Jar Gift is the way to go!

DIY mason jar Christmas gifts

Plus *four more adorable holiday mason jar themes like “Christmas in a Jar” and “Playdough Snow for Kids.”

(*Link sponsored by PSECU, a Pennsylvania-based credit union.)

Mason Jar Gift Ideas

You’ll never go wrong if you use a great mason jar to gift your presents this year!  In addition to these mason jar gift ideas, we have more great ways to use mason jars here.  What’s your favorite thing to gift in a mason jar?