Gift Wrapping Ideas


Gift Wrapping Ideas

I’ve always been up for a good laugh, and these wacky gift wrapping ideas wont disappoint!  Step outside of the box with your gift wrapping and get creative.  {My brothers will just cringe with #10!}

1. Wrap it up in that old shirt that is always the brunt of some joke.

Gift Wrapping Ideas

2. Wrap it up with your own mug shot.

{Get custom photo wrapping here!}

gift 1

3. Crazy faces

gift 6

4. Lionel Richie love with a cassette tape bow

gift 4

5. Cardboard telephone

gift 5

6. Emoticon boxes

gift 3

7. Get artsy

gift 12

8. Use magazine cut-outs

gift 9

9. Very sneaky…wrapped in a bread loaf

Gift Wrapping Ideas

10. HaHa!  Guys will love this one!

gift 10

11. Cute way to gift lingerie…tutorial here!

gift 11

12. Perfect for bridal showers or bachelorette parties.

gift 14

13. For guys

gift 8

14. Make your own fruit printed wrapping paper.

gift 16

15. Punch-a-present

Gift Wrapping Ideas

16. Wrap it in a big ball of yarn

gift 13

17. Use old jeans

gift 17