Easy Projects collage


Some were born with creativity oozing out of their pores, others were given brains, beauty, or super keen street-smarts instead.  Good thing for us non-creative people, we have the internet to provide plenty of easy projects that even people without a creative bone in their bodies can do.  Here are 15 easy projects for non-creative people (and creative people alike—we don’t discriminate):

Easy Projects for Non-Creative People

1. Okra stamping

Makes perfect little flowers for cards, gifts, or home art.  You can also use pretty much any fruit of vegetable!  Just cut in half and dip in paint!
Easy projects

2. Spray paint transformation

Never underestimate the power of a little spray paint to take something up a notch.

Easy projects

3. Washi tape gift wrapping

Get a cool, minimalistic look using washi tape.  All your friends will marvel at how chic you are.

easy diy 3

4. No-sew tutu

So easy, anyone who can tie a knot can do it.

easy diy 4

5. Hand-stamped leggings

You can also make your own stamp using a potato to create these cute little leggings.

easy diy 5

6. Potato stamped art

Speaking of potato stamps, use them to make this cool art piece.

Easy projects

7. VHS “canvas”

Get a canvas look using a VHS case…see, they’re good for something!

easy diy 7

8. Designer t-shirt scarves

If you can perform rudimentary skills such as cutting, pulling, and braiding, you can make these cool scarves.

easy diy 8

9.  Cool hanging decor made from straws and string

A cool alternative to party pom-poms

easy diy 9

10. 5-minute DIY reed diffuser

easy diy 10

11. Arm knit a blanket in 45 minutes

Two left hands when it comes to needles?  Did you know you can knit with your arms?!  Can’t wait to give this one a try.

easy diy 11

12. 10-minute DIY milk & honey soap

easy diy 12

13. Easy menu planner

easy diy 13

14. Heart string art

easy diy 14

15. Easy washi tape cards

easy diy 15

See, no worries non-creative people–turns out you don’t really need a creative bone in your body.  Besides, it would be unfair to have beauty, brains, and creativity, wouldn’t it?