DIY hammocks and hanging chairs

With summer on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about lounging under a shady tree, reading a good book or catching some much needed Zzzz’s on these really cool DIY hammocks and hanging chairs!

14 DIY Hammocks and Hanging Chairs To Make Summer Naps Awesome

1.$40 DIY hammock stand

DIY hammock 1

2. Hand crocheted hammock

DIY hammock 2

3. I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.  This DIY pallet swing bed is the perfect place I’d like to nap.

DIY hammock 3

4. Hangin chairs can be super expensive to buy, but quite cheap to build.  Try this DIY hanging hammock chair on for size!

DIY hammock 4

5. Even the dog can’t resist this perfect step-by-step DIY hammock.

DIY hammock 5

6. And you just have to make one for baby too!  DIY baby hammock swing

DIY hammock 6

7. So cool!  turn your trampoline into an amazing hanging hammock!

DIY hammock 7

8. I could curl up in this with a good book.

DIY hammock 8

9. Clever.  Take a chair and turn it into a hanging chair or swing.

DIY hammock 9

10. Simple and chic.  Just my style.  DIY hanging lounge chair

DIY hammock 10

11. This DIY paracord laced pallet hanging chair would look cool in your garden

DIY hammock 11

12. For an uber cool nautical look, hang a rowboat and call it a bed!

DIY hammock 12

13. Wanna “hang” with all your buddies?  Try a mega hammock!

DIY hammock 13

14. And if you have water anywhere nearby…this comfy hammock is a must!

DIY hammock 14