Our growing family is getting ready to move from .19 acres to a full acre and while I’ve dreamed of the space for years, it’s hard to narrow down exactly what to do with it. If you’re trading out your backyard for a bigger space or are looking for some backyard inspiration, check out these ways you can craft a pretty amazing outdoor area.

16 Brilliant Ways To Make Your Backyard the Coolest

1.Turn that awkward side yard into a putting green.

This is pretty brilliant. Take that small, basically useless space on the side of your house and turn it into into your very own putting green.

Photo by Synlawn Toronto – Look for landscaping pictures

2. Get an epic play structure.

Kids will be in heaven climbing, swinging, and sliding down your epic play structure. A fort is a must for playing pirates, house, or a million other imaginative games kids come up with.

3. Build an outdoor movie theater.

Imagine the memories you could make in your own outdoor movie theater. This is an awesome backyard movie theater you can DIY.

Photo used with permission of The Horticult.

4. Install a residential splash pad.

Yes, there are companies that do this for you! A backyard splash pad can cost $2,000 to $4,000 and are much cheaper than installing a pool and safer as well.

Photo courtesy of Splashzonellc.com

5. Design an outdoor kitchen.

If you like to entertain, make sure you save some room in your budget for an outdoor kitchen. These outdoor kitchens should give you plenty to think about and dream about.

6. Quintessential porch swing

When I think of the picture-perfect backyard, there’s always a porch swing where I can lazily read a book on a summer evening.

7. Multi-functional sports courts

My kids would use a multi-functional sports court every singe day, rain, sun, or snow. If you’ve got space, this would make for one cool backyard!

8. Mood lighting

Lights are such a simple detail that make a huge difference. Stringing up some outdoor lights or garden lanterns will automatically elevate your backyard to “cool” status.

9. A pizza oven

If you find that the pizza delivery guy no longer uses GPS to get to your house, maybe it’s time to get your own pizza oven. How amazing would this be? Outdoor pizza ovens are pretty amazing and are just as much a conversation piece as they are functional.

10. Outdoor music

Turn up the party or wind down to music right on your own back porch. Set up a portable record player (yes, they’ve made a comeback!) or invest in an outdoor sound system. There are some pretty smart options nowadays.